Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hopelessly Lazy Bunch of Idiots

Some people that I met (virtually) are proven to be lazy, idiotic and hopeless.

It's like seeing a manual on how to use a washing machine that's provided right before your eyeballs, yet you still exhibit your stupidity by asking the hows.

In the name of God, please take a moment to read (or at least scan through) before asking stupid questions that in a way display your lack of wisdom.

1 Year 7 Months

Apparently it hasn't be resolved as yet. At once I thought it has, until that phone call I refused to answer a month ago.

And the feelings sparked, complications went on.


I noticed that I recently couldn't tolerate with certain, oh, or particularly this one behaviour that I learned to be disgustingly wasteful, selfish and not under control.

The flower has lost its scent. The spark has now gone.


A: Kau tengah dengan bunga ke?

B: Bungalah sangat... Bunga telah diambil orang...

Thursday, December 1, 2011


If it's destined this way, then it is. :')

Blackberry Rosak

*Calling him

Him: Hmmm, hello?
Moi: *sobbing* Awak tengah tidur ke?
Him: Hmmm. Kenapa ni menangis?
Moi: Handphone kita... rosak...
Him: Apa yang rosak?
Moi: Keypad dia... rosak teruk...
Him: Hmmm tulah awak ni kasar sangat dengan phone tu. Dengan saya pun awak berkasar, apatah lagi dengan phone...
Moi: *sobbing*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Halloween Diary

He seldom says "I love you". He calls me "sayang" very occasionally. He's never sweet to me.

He goes back to his hometown that's 300km away every weekend. Now that he stays about 20km from me, we still meet once a fortnight.

And last night I whined about not having to meet that often. I complained about missing him a lot. He nagged at me and told me off because I wanted to go to his area and pay him a visit and have dinner together. He left me with a long face during the whole phone conversation. And that was the last time we spoke since yesterday.

Today, at 6.25pm, I received a phone call from him. "Jom jumpa, saya datang tempat awak, bawa awak dinner."

He never said he missed me, but I know he does because he shows.

Maybe it's true he's not a "say-er". Maybe he's a "show-er".

Tonight Imma have a dinner with my Superman :)

-30th Oct 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, I should be restraining myself from reading my old writings as it will only complicate my already complicated mind.

To someone who's torn between fairy tales and reality, getting more confused isn't a good option.
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